Ageism is a huge topic and I can’t tackle all of it in a single post. But I do want to talk about our skin as we age and how we choose to age. Discussing both aging naturally-drinking plenty of water, healthy eating, cremes and serums, and a little less natural with fillers, botox and even surgery.

From Good Morning America

Honestly I have been wanting to approach this topic for quite some time but because it so big- ageism doesn’t stop with our looks- its also in the work force, fashion, advertisements and how we feel about ourselves- I have been hesitant to get started.

But today on GMA they discussed a post by @racheljsimmons * about Madonna’s looks at the Grammy’s and how shocking her change is (Rachel opened another door to discussing ageism, good on her). Well, my first thought to her critics, was duh isn’t that what Madonna is famous for? For shocking us and for being quite successful at it BTW! And yes she does look completely different. She looks great but she has always looked great. The question could then become well would she look as good if she didn’t have the work done, if she aged naturally.

But that should be irrelevant. If she feels good about the changes she has made isn’t that what really matters? It’s not what society thinks about her metamorphose it how it makes her feel.

Aging naturally, aging with work done, why should it matter?!

I have chosen not to get work done, for now at least. I will use the right lighting and angles for a more youthful look in social media pics. But for now no fillers and no surgery. And believe me at 58 and single this is not an easy decision. I am not only competing with women younger than me I am competing with women 10 years older than me that look younger. So am I envious at times-you bet. But so far I am comfortable with my decision.

When I say envious I mean it. I look at the real housewives on TV and think that dang they look good. But for me its you do you, no judgement, and I believe that we should all support a do what works for you attitude. One post at a time lets embrace the aging process by supporting each other in our individual choices and not on what society deems a 50 year old or 60 year old woman should look like. And perhaps that is one more step to reducing ageism.

**I did not read the post yet as I wanted this to be my thoughts on ageism and I did not want to take anything away from Rachel’s post @racheljsimmons

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