Have you ever caught yourself saying dang not bad for 58? Can I start a new career at my age? Or should I really wear torn jeans at 55? Well I know I have and we (me) need to stop that narrative. Age really is just a number and we need to ignore that inside voice that tells us negative stories about what a certain age should look like.

Ageism is real but it doesn’t mean that collaboratively we can’t change what aging looks like. We are more active than most of our parents, we no longer stay in the home we raised our children in (for some) at times we dress like our daughters, we want to rock our golden years! Lifestyle and fashion should be up to the individual and age should not determine our decisions.

How do we shift the conversation or mindset on aging

Be bold-wear your personality proudly.

It’s not too late to get in shape, learn a language, take a dance class, travel more.

We need to stop thinking or saying:

Is this skirt too short for my age-wear what you want when you want.

Does my grey hair make me look older-you like grey? go grey!

She looks good for 60-WTF 60 is a good age of course she looks good!

She is in great shape for 65-she works out, she looks good period exclamation point.

Should I start a new career-follow your passion!

It’s never too late

Age really is just a number: wear what you want when you want, don’t let other’s judge you, live the life you want to live and embrace the aging process. We are all in this together!






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