Confidence is the best accessory you can wear!

Confidence can come at any age. For some we peak in our teen years, others it’s our 30’s and many of you will be happy to know our 60’s has been mentioned in several articles as our most confident decade.

Confidence can mean different things to different women and is usually based on body image, career success, health, relationships.

Confidence really is the best accessory; better than a designer handbag or extravagant gown.Think of a woman that walks into a room with full on confidence. She may not be the prettiest, or the best dressed but her head is held high her back straight and you can’t help but admire her and notice her.

According to The Guardian

“A New Zealand study claims men and women become more satisfied with their bodies over time – bucking the expectations of our youth-obsessed culture”

“Well, actually, men’s body image is relatively stable – and consistently higher than women’s. But for women, it fluctuates over a lifetime, eventually increasing the older they get.” I am sure that comes as no surprise to many of you (I apologize for my snarkiness:)

Turning 50 brought out a bolder me

I don’t know about you but in turning 50 and being on the other side of life I felt this overwhelming exuberance to make some changes, to live a bolder life. At 40 the private and shy me would never have  had the courage to create a website and blog about being single at 50, menopause-memory loss-stinky armpits-sleepless nights, starting a new career, life!

BUT! I am so glad I did. Bolder and more confident has introduced me to new friendships, how to say no, when to let a friend go, speaking opportunities and a new career. I dress for me and no longer care whether it is age appropriate. I embrace change and all that that it brings.

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