Attitude is everything for successful aging

August is my birthday month and with turning a year older comes a lot of reflection, thoughts about what makes me happy, how do I want to spend my time to make these the best years of my life. I think about family and friends and spending more time together, definitely traveling more, making time to laugh and embracing these years because lord knows 80 is right around the corner:)

I will admit that with celebrating another birthday I am having a difficult time grasping how fast those 57 (almost 58) years flew by. I mean really! It’s seems like just yesterday, not 18 years ago, that I was 40 and my son was 8 and that I had years (YEARS) before middle age.

Sometimes I still feel 40

Truly! Sometimes in body AND mind I feel 40 not the almost 60 years of age that my birth certificate states. I am still silly and playful, I exercise like I did when I was 40, I laugh at “poopie” jokes, I get lost in puppy videos, I giggle with girlfriends and will dance like no one is watching-and thankfully no one is:)

I am young at heart but the mirror says something different and most days I accept that. Most days!

When friends prepare you

I was blessed to have great skin at 50 and back then I honestly thought well this aging process is not so bad. But around 50 or 51 I remember my friend Joann telling me “oh you just wait”. “There is a huge shift in our hormones and thus our skin after 53”. And gosh darn it if she wasn’t right. My skin went from looking like a 40 year old to late fifties almost over night.

It seemed like a new wrinkle was being added daily. And this is when I realized-get use to it-change your attitude about aging. This is where friends are so important too, surround yourself with positive women that are supportive and can laugh right along with you.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I’m like dang not bad and then I turn and its different lighting and a different reflection and-yep the wrinkles are still there. But if we, all of us, change the narrative about aging and can accept that we are not the younger versions of ourselves and that we are beautiful today at any age. Let’s change our mindset our conversation with ourselves and no longer consider yourself (or another woman), pretty for her age-not pretty  for 55, 60, 70. Let’s start and end the statement with you look pretty, you look beautiful. PERIOD

I have chosen not to use filler or have any work but I definitely do not judge those that do. Every person should do what’s right for them and not judge.

Positive aging

  • Laugh with friends about the aging process
  • Celebrate every birthday
  • As I learned from my friend Elaine (video coach) take 5 minutes and look in the mirror and really see who you are wrinkles and blemishes included. And appreciate that woman
  • Take time for you
  • Most importantly learn what makes you happy and make sure you make time for that every day
  • This is not a dress rehearsal lets live life to the fullest!



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