Fall Fashion

Okay truth be told I have gotten a little lazy in my attire. First it was moving to a small town in the Sonoma Wine country where almost everyone is in jeans, except  tourists. And then COVID took loungewear to a whole new level, we had an excuse not to get out of our “comfies”. And it didn’t stop there, I also got used to putting on very little and often times no makeup.

But! The truth of it is I actually feel better, more dynamic, more productive and yes prettier when I feel like I am fashion dressed instead of “comfy” dressed. This does not mean that I cannot be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, it just means I need to put a little effort into selecting the right pieces.

Let’s talk about accessories too

The other fashion item I seemed to ignore in COVID were my accessories. I put everything in a jewelry chest and completely got out of the habit of wearing them. Whats crazy about this is I was a jewelry rep for many years, I have tons of earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc-all packed away. But no more! Unpacked and out where I can see it so that I can add it to my look as I am walking out the door.

I love statement pieces like bold necklaces or large earrings and I love to layer different materials of bracelets.

My fall fashion statement pieces

Not really statement pieces but items I have added to my wardrobe this that were perhaps not a focus of mine in the past. Definitely wraps! I have had a black cashmere wrap for years and wear it every Holiday season. But this year I also added more casual and fun wraps. Wraps that come in unique prints and can be worn over jeans or over evening attire. 

Hats! For as long as I can remember I have been a hat wearer. But this fall everyone seems to be going hat crazy. Have you purchased your hat? There are so many fun colors and styles to choose from 

Goodby fashion complacency hello shopping!

Fashion items I have recently purchased and highly recommend

These are just a few of my recent purchases. I love inexpensive (and expensive:)) items that create a whole new look with very little effort. Hats are a must this fall season as is a new wrap in a big bold print.

  • Colorful & Washable Print Blouse   – I just wore this last night to our  bookclub Holiday party and loved it! I only wish I had remembered to take a pic!
  • Striped Shawl Wrap– Truth be told I have way too many coats and wraps-its my Fall favorite. But what I love about this stipe is that it can jazz up any basic look- just $32.99
  • The Perfect Fall Hat– It seems like everyone is wearing hats this year and at just $17.99 you can buy this hat in a couple of colors.


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