Do you let your age determine what you wear?

I don’t usually write about fashion because I believe there are so many women already doing a brilliant job of posting on fashions for women over 50, especially on Instagram. But since I created 50 is Just a Number to talk about everything for women over 50 I did feel a need to tackle this topic.

And in fact I do have some knowledge of fashion as in my previous career life I did have a women’s clothing store-many moons ago.

Not our mother’s fashions

I give full kudos to my mother. She had four kids and was on a budget but man did she have style and knew how to shop. When she had dinner parties or went to church she was stunning; fitted dresses (after 4 kids!), jewelry, hose, high heels, matching handbag. Until aging happened, and quite honestly I don’t remember what age that was. But it was the age when elastic waist pants and polyester loose fitting shirts were acceptable. And it was every woman-our neighbors, my mothers friends, church goers all in elastic waist pants AND comfortable shoes.

But not our generation! We wear torn jeans (some of us), sequins in the day, crop tops, high sexy heels-pretty much whatever we want. We may even dress like our 20 year old daughters, something our mother’s generation would not have done.

What changed in fashion?

Is this another result of social media? Or that fashion designers have led us down this path of looking like our daughters? It could also be television and watching the housewives of wherever who are always dressed so glamorously with full makeup on to go for a hike. Thank you Andy Cohen:) Whatever the reason I like it, I like that there is no “age” dressing anymore and I know that my mother if she were still alive would like it too.

So I ask you. Is there something you wouldn’t wear because of your age?

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