I know, not the most pressing topic of today but I thought it would be fun to reach out to my followers and ask. If you are a makeup wearer would you run errands sans makeup? There are no hard and fast rules about whether women over 50 should wear makeup or not.  But I know for me, yes I run errands without makeup. If I have a busy morning working at my desk and need just a few items from the store I definitely do not take the time to put on makeup-perhaps some lip color but thats it.

But I do feel more confident, dare I say it prettier, when I take the time to put on my foundation, add a little blush for color, definitely highlighter for some shimmer, eye liner, mascara, brow color for sure, and then lip color. Because, like my mother, my lips are shrinking and I have no pigment no color without lip stain.

Other reasons women over 50 don’t go bare:

Makeup covers imperfections like redness, age spots, and dark circles.

Makeup can also emphasize the features we most like about our looks-our eyes, lips, cheek bones and draw away from our less flattering features.

Personal expression-taking the time to do your makeup your way can emphasize your creativity.

Feeling More Youthful-makeup can be used to create a more youthful appearance by brightening the complexion and adding a glow. (Please don’t let shimmer sticks or powder ever go out of style:))

Camouflaging Signs of Fatigue-makeup can help reduce the appearance of tiredness, puffiness, or dark circles around the eyes. YES!

Whether you decide to wear makeup or not, do it for you and for no other reason. Which takes me back to my original question-do you go out without any makeup on?