Note to self!

If you follow me you know that I am constantly reminding women to know that they look good. Not I look good for 55 or 65 or 75, I look good period! And when someone pays you a compliment, thank them and move on. No stories about oh if you only knew me in my 20’s or 40’s or whatever…

We have to change the narrative about aging and it starts with each one of us. I have chosen not to use fillers/botox etc. and I am working on feeling good about my wrinkles every day. If you have chosen to have work then I support you too. But the important thing to remember is we are blessed. Blessed to celebrate another year blessed to have our health and blessed to be the women that we are today.

With age comes confidence but it also comes with ageism

So, what do we do about it? I believe it starts with us, our conversations. And that is what I love about women over 50 on Instagram. Truly! This is such a supportive age group. Yes there is selling of product and promotional items, me included! But it’s more about showing support and giving positive responses, sharing work out routines and dietary suggestions, and confirmation of wear what you want/live your life at any age.

The benefit of social media and our generation is that we are past competing and have moved right on to supporting each other. Since creating my IG profile @kckilian I see and have received so many comments of support and encouragement. From women that have way more influence and followers than I have. And yet this community continues to work together and to support each other.

The end game

Let’s keep up the support and the conversation and perhaps in our future we will see women of all ages, races, and cultures in magazines, commercials, movies…and it will no longer be- you look good for your age, it will be you look good!


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