I have been told that reading even just 10 minutes a day can help with mental well being and creativity. And the truth is that I love to read even as I child I would get lost in fictional books. And its only the past few years that I had changed my reading habits.

Why? Menopause! I know crazy right? But the truth is I would pick up a book read a few pages and have absolutely no recollection of what I had just read. None. Which made it no fun at all to read.I am now on the other side of menopause and can absolutely retain what I am reading. But I have gotten out of the habit, other things have filled that time.

Pictured, The Slight Edge,  one of my favorite books that I have recommended for years. To purchase

Accountability/2023 Goals

Hence one of my 2023 goals-to take 10 minutes each morning and read from a nonfictional book. I am writing this blog to help keep me accountable. I am committing to checking in with you throughout the year with my latest reads, sharing my thoughts and updating you on the next book on my list.

Best Sellers/Potential Best Sellers of 2023

At this point I am not sure which book I will start with but I wanted to share the ones that seemed to be popular on several best sellers list in my Google search. I have included a brief mention of my reasoning of why I might or might not choose a particular book  (in alphabetical order):

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing/Matthew Perry I saw Matthew being interviewed when this book first came out, his emotions and his candor made this a must read book. To purchase

If You Tell: A Story of Murder, Family Secrets and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood Oh my as much as I like a book on crime this sounds a little too intense to start the year with. Please write me if you dare to read this-BTW the reviews were very good!       To purchase

I’m Glad My Mom Died/Jennette McCurdy I felt like I should include this as it was on almost every list in my research. A book about abuse and loss, not an easy read. To purchase

Living in the Light/Deepak Chopra, MD and Sarah Platt-Finger I do not practice yoga on a regular basis but this would be a healthy mindful positive way to start the year. To purchase

Spare/Prince Harry I think I will wait to hear the reviews first. I have watched the Meghan and Harry Netflix series and I am not ready to go down this road again. Yet!   To purchase

The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times/Michelle Obama I honestly did not read her previous book Becoming (I was in my menopausal limited reading) and can’t decide whether to start with Becoming or just jump to this.  To purchase

Not exactly light reads on this best seller list. But I hope that my research has given you at least a list to start with and that you will email me with your thoughts on any of the books listed or share your favorite non fiction book. karen@50isjustanumber.com


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