Hand written calendar/journals

Okay I know that I am completely dating myself by owning that I still use a hand written calendar but the truth is my Google calendar is just not enough for me. I like the pencil to paper approach to saving ideas, setting goals and scheduling appointments.

I add Zoom calls and some scheduled appointment to my calendar app but mostly I use my hard copy journal to store information and personal notes only I will understand. Of course the downside to this is if I lose that journal I lose everything-phone numbers, transaction notes-EVERYTHING.

Why a physical journal is better than a digital

According to my online search: “Writing in a physical planner helps you to remember things better, and provides a ritual for you to boost your creativity. Its customization options are endless, being that you can design your planner with many different sizes, accessories, and add-ons to your liking.”

“The handwriting was employed long ago and remained the main way of capturing any kind of information for centuries now.” Its not easy to replace old habits-I could not agree more:)

Journals to purchase:


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