Facing my fears and insecurities in a snow storm.

I spent a glorious week in Lake Tahoe California (pictured is my dog Marley). Beautiful sunny skies all week long…

Until the day I left. Not only did I have a crazy spring snow storm but my goodness the winds. From the time I started packing up my car to leaving an hour later the roads were already covered in white. Now for those of you that live in the snow country you are probably wondering what the heck I was worried about.

And I get it. But this is mid April I was not in the mindset for snow (even though we need it in California) I was there for hiking and mostly for work. And it was just me and my dog! So when it started dumping I could feel my anxiety growing. The power of feeling insecure and stressed was taking hold of me.

In addition to being a nervous wreck I managed to get lost. I mean really lost, wrong direction, no idea how I even ended up in a town in the opposite direction of going home. It added an hour plus of drive time in the snow, and BTW the snow fall was not getting any lighter! And now I am on a road that I am completely unfamiliar with. I was so lost I had no idea if my driving app was even leading me in the right direction.(Thank you driving app for getting me home safe.)

Taking Risks

I am telling you all of this because although I was alone and felt vulnerable, I had no alternative but to continue on. I had no choice but to take risks. And although I now have a few more gray hairs (a lot) I came out feeling stronger. That although my mind went to the worst place I was able to stay focussed and determined to get home safely. To remain calm, breathe deeply and get through it.

And that my friends is the reality of many aspects of our lives. We take risks in business, risks in relationships & friendships, buying a house a  car…life is about taking risks and persevering. And then when on the other side of it, appreciating what you have.



Marley loved the snow, the drive not so much. She could feel my stress.


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