49% of new businesses were created by women during the pandemic.

If you were one of those women or if you have an existing business that needs some support. If you are willing to do the work and invest in your future; then we have the webinar series designed just for you.

I have approached four of my Marin & Sonoma Women at work business coaches and asked them to cover various topics in running a small business. Its a kick b*tt, no fluff approach to supporting you in your small business. 

Why you should tune in.

The average cost for a business coach is $125/hour. We are offering our seminars at $30/hour or $100.00 for all four. Not all aspects of all four webinars may be perfectly right for you but in each one we will cover a different small business topic; if it does not apply to you now it will apply in the future.

Small business ownership is not a straight line, clearly the pandemic has taught us that. But in this series our 4 coaches bring their 4 different styles of coaching to prepare you for your future in business.

Webinar Series.

Four powerful presenters, four powerful presentations.

To purchase tickets:

Thursday Feb. 3rd Jodi Weitz “How to jump start your profits in business.”

Thursday Feb. 10th Sandra Dinardi “Optimize your website, is your current website really working for your business.  Sandra will teach you when to use Heading 1, key words, how to look for and know whether your website is strong on SEO

Thursday Feb. 17th Gail Nott “Build Strategic Alliances” Learn how to build business relationships for referrals, strategic alliances, and joint ventures

Thursday Feb. 24th Jen Marples “Social Media Training: How to show up confidently and expertly online and maximize your impact.

To purchase individual tickets at $30/each

  If you would like the 4 part series at $100  email me at collaborate@marinwomenatwork.com for the link (Venmo or Paypal accepted)


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