It’s never too late to live your dream life.

If you follow me you know that I believe it’s never too late. Never too late to start a new career, buy your dream home, to get financially savvy, find your dream partner, to live your best life. It takes works, it takes change, and it takes believing in yourself and letting go of self doubt and that inner voice  that is holding you back.

And there is nothing like a new year  to inspire or motivate us to make a shift in our lives; to reboot to go after what we really want out of this life we are living. But really it can be a new day or a new week the key is to just get started.

Creating a new narrative

Part of getting started on this journey of living our best life is to let go of our old limiting beliefs, to get out of our own way and to trust ourselves. 

From my friend Jacqueline Wales 

“Our negative stories are behind many of the patterns that hold you back from achieving their goals. When you encounter the need to prove yourself, to be right, to insist on perfection, or seek approval and validation there is fear behind it. When you avoid decisions and oppose new ideas, all the while thinking it’s keeping you safe, or at least maintaining status quo, you are dealing with fear.

The stories you tell yourself are the handcuffs of the mind” For more from Jacqueline

You can get started today

Take that first step towards that life you desire. It can be as simple as to read a book-check out Jacqueline’s book (posted below), job search on LinkedIn, create an online dating profile, start researching the housing market in your area, open a savings account.

The key is to get started. To research the tools available to you, many are free and just a Google search away, and each and every day take one step in the direction of living your best life. That and believe that you can do it!

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