Many of us after the age of 50 and the kids are on their own are looking for a new place to live. A place to retire to. For some it my be downsizing, reducing our cost of living, a more active community or  for a change of lifestyle. In this post I have compiled a list to help get you started in thinking about where you may consider moving to. I believe it’s never too late! Never too late to buy your dream home and live your dream life-mountains, beaches you pick it.

There are many charming small towns across the United States that are popular choices for retirement. Keep in mind that the “best” town for retirement can vary depending on individual preferences and priorities. Factors to consider include close to family, climate, cost of living, healthcare facilities (definitely), transportation accessibility, recreational opportunities, and community (similar ages, religious/political preferences).

Here are some small towns that are often considered attractive for retirees:

Bainbridge Island, Washington State-Close enough to Seattle to enjoy the benefits of a large city; airports, culture, restaurants and shopping. Bainbridge is perfect for that outdoor enthusiast offering hiking trails, parks and 53 miles of shoreline. Washington is also among the handful of states that don’t have an income tax (capital gains on certain high earners).

Bend, Oregon-Known as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering access to skiing, hiking, and other recreational activities. The city has a growing cultural scene and is known for its craft breweries. And one of my favorite places to visit. A mix of modern and old town feel with a beautiful river right near the center of town, the perfect place to walk your dog.

Little Elm Texas-Known for the most shoreline in the Dallas Fort Worth area and offers fishing, swimming, and recreational boating. With a population around 56,000 and a large selection of shops and restaurants this little town has a big city feel.

Ridgefield, Connecticut-Located near the Berkshire Mountains foothills with a population just over 25,000 and known for having a very low crime rate many retirees looking for a safe place to live find this small town very attractive. Ridgefield has museums, theaters (including the renowned ACT of Connecticut), unique shops and boutiques and fabulous restaurants, Please keep in mind the cost of living is significantly higher than the national average.

Santa Fe, New Mexico-This has been on one of the best places to retire for as long as I can remember. Santa Fe is known for its unique adobe architecture, vibrant arts scene, and a rich cultural heritage. The climate is generally mild, and the city has a strong sense of community.

The Villages, Florida-The Villages is a massive retirement community known for its active lifestyle, golf courses, and numerous recreational amenities. With over 145,00 residents with an average age of 72 years young many looking for an active community and moderate climate will find The Villages a very attractive place to live.

As of 2023, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming are the only states that do not have a state income tax.

Before making a decision to move, it’s essential to visit the prospective towns, consider your personal preferences and priorities, and  consult with a financial advisor to assess the cost of living and other financial aspects.