When women support women

This past week I attended a panel discussion in my local county for women that run for office. Now I have no desire to run for a political office position. But I do love to learn, I do love political discussions and I do love to support women in politics. What I did not expect from this particular discussion and yet what I walked away with was more about the power of women working together, and less about a persons political agenda.

If you follow me you know that I live and breathe friendship, supporting women, and collaborating-and that I walk the talk. My friendships are long lasting, I attend and support women focused events and I have created two networking groups for women in business because I believe we are better working together.

My most recent event that I attended was held at Dominican University of CA, by the Institute for Leadership Success, Marin Women’s Commission-panel discussion on Marin Women Run for office.

Terms or take aways from the meeting:

Surround yourself with friends that lift you up.

Take others with you on your road to success.

Failure is a lesson, learn from it and move on.

Make friends with your competitors.

Be authentic, be prepared, know your supporters and your opposition, and ignore the naysayers.

And reach out. If you don’t know who to talk to find out and reach out. Don’t know where to get started?-reach out. But most important-just get started!



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