Boost your energy?

By Dr. Sydne Pomin/ThriVia Chiropractic and Natural Health

How’s your energy right now? How has it been the last week? What about the last month? It’s always good to take inventory of the expression of our body both in the moment and over time.


It only takes a 1% drop in dehydration for our primal brains to go on high alert. Remember, you should be aiming for your body weight divided by 2 for the amount of ounces to have per day. (For example, if you weigh 200lbs, you should be having about 100 oz. water per day.)

Get Outside

Do you know that the average human spends 87% of their time indoors? Yikes! The act of breaking up your day and getting some fresh air, sun exposure, and listening to birds singing can give you a much needed natural boost of energy. Fun fact, listening to birds sing activates our brain for calm because in the primitive days birds singing meant predators weren’t close. Gosh, humans are neat.

Shake Your Body Or Dance

Getting circulation to your extremities and your brain will help you feel more alert and energetic.

Belly Breathing

Lay on your back, put your hand on your stomach, and use your breath to make your hand move up and down 10x.  This allows more oxygen to be pulled into the lungs and more oxygen means you’ll have more energy.

Laugh (of course this is my favorite)

I’m a big fan of puppy videos myself (me too), Take a laugh break and find your favorite video or social media post to get your giggles on. This will reduce stress hormones in your system and release feel-good neurotransmitters from your brain.

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