Let’s not wait until a milestone birthday to celebrate us! This past week I shared an evening with a dear friend and 40+ of her friends celebrating her 61st birthday. And what I learned from this particular gathering is that how important it is to celebrate every year. To bring friends and family together to laugh, to make new friends and most important enjoy time together celebrating life!

Additional reasons to celebrate you:

Adventure: This is the time to embrace new adventures and experiences, as life is still full of possibilities. And if you follow me you know that I believe its never too late!

Health: Heck yes-appreciate the gift of good health and make this the time to make choices that promote overall well-being.

Joy: Find joy in the simple pleasures of life and celebrate the moments that bring happiness, like that first cup of black coffee in the morning:)

Resilience: Recognize and celebrate the ability to bounce back from challenges with resilience and strength, cuz my goodness we have all been thru our share of challenges!

Self-Acceptance: Embrace and celebrate the journey of one’s self-acceptance and confidence that often comes with age.

Wisdom: Celebrate the wealth of wisdom and life experience gained over 50+ years.

Another year is not a given it’s a blessing. Now go out and celebrate!