This past weekend I celebrated my 59th birthday, my last year in my 50’s. And with every birthday I spend some time reflecting on the past, gratitude for all that I have been blessed with-my health, my son, my family’s health, friendships, travel -life!

And what it all circles back to is dang how fast those years flew by. I mean honestly it seems like a year or two ago that I turned 50 and now I am about to turn 60. What the heck?! To this day I remember when my mother told me and my siblings “how can I have a 40 year old son”. It meant nothing at the time (I am 13 years younger) but now I totally get it. She felt 40, how could it possibly be that her son was 40:)

There is no sadness for me in turning 59, it certainly beats the alternative, just a fascination and an appreciation for the years gone by. I believe we should celebrate every year as it it a gift and not a given. Like many of you I have lost friends way too young and for that reason alone we need to celebrate each and every year. Whether it is a private celebration, a big party, a trip, time with your partner. Celebrate you, you deserve it!

Happy birthday to all Leo’s. This is your year to shine.


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