Losing a friend

I recently attended a memorial service for someone that I have known off and on since kindergarten…a very long time! And although we may have lost touch over the years there is something about childhood friendships that always have meaning in your life. (Ironically we were reunited when our boys met in kindergarten.)

His passing and then his memorial service helped me to reflect on many things: life can be short, embrace every day, stay in touch, hug your loved ones, don’t sweat the small stuff, be kind daily, live without regret…

Not an easy topic to discuss or write about

Losing someone is never easy and unfortunately we are getting to that age that it is becoming a little more frequent. I have had a few friends that have lost their spouses over the last couple of years and then there is the loss of our aging parents.

And that is why I wanted to address this sensitive topic. I created 50 is Just a Number to talk about all things 50+ including things that hurt us and are not easy to talk about. The passing of someone close to us, let alone close to our age, is a reminder of our own longevity. 

And yet it is also an opportunity to remember to appreciate what we have, to be grateful for friends and family and a reminder to take steps to live a healthy life mentally and physically.

Celebrating the life of someone that has passed

Pictured is a group of friends that got together after the memorial service to connect and to share stories. We talked about our friend who is no longer with us, we talked about the things we did “back in the day” (thank goodness there was no social media in our teenage years:)) and we talked about our kids and spouses. We laughed and we sympathized.

This group includes friends from kindergarten, junior high and high school. Cheers to many more healthy years of creating memories. And much love and support to my deceased friend’s family…

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