We can do this! By challenging and reshaping societal perceptions, stereotypes, and expectations we can shape what age positive looks like.

Together we can change the narrative:

Embrace Diversity and Individuality: Recognize and celebrate the diversity within the demographic of women over 50. As we live a bolder life, as we gain confidence let’s support and celebrate 50+, let’s lift each other up in our individuality.

Encourage Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Having started a travel business at 57 I believe strongly in encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship among women over 50. It’s important to share stories of women who have successfully started a business or a new career.

We need to Promote Health and Well-being: Encourage a focus on holistic health, physical fitness, mental well-being, and self-care for women over 50. Age is not a barrier to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Advocate for Equal Opportunities: As we are seeing diversity with genders, cultures and races we should also see individuals 50+ in our media, workplace, education, healthcare and society at large.

Support Positive Aging Organizations: Support organizations that focus on empowering and advocating for the rights and well-being of women over 50, amplifying their voices and driving positive change in society.

We are all in this together, ageism is real but it doesn’t mean we have to live with it! Together we can change the narrative…one post at a time.