At the year end each year I like to take the time to reflect on the past year and understand what worked what didn’t work. What I need to move on from and what I need to embrace and bring forward. Embracing change can be an empowering and fulfilling journey for women especially those of us over 50. Pictured are two friends I have known for over 40 years! 40 years of friendship means many years of love and laughter travel and fun but also loss changes and resilience (check out the two towers of the Golden Gate bridge, upper right corner-love where you live).

Here are some tools that I use to navigate this period of life with positivity and resilience:

Mindset Shift:

  • Embrace a growth mindset. See change as an opportunity for personal and professional development rather than a challenge. This is not always easy, I get it, but shifting your mindset thru change can bring opportunities you were not even aware of.


  • Take time to reflect on your interests, passions, and goals. Consider what brings you joy and fulfillment.
  • Explore new hobbies, activities, or even career paths that align with your evolving interests. Just get started.

Wellness and Health:

  • Prioritize your physical and mental well-being. I exercise regularly, strive:) for a balanced diet, travel because life is too short not to, read-I constantly want to be learning, surround myself with supportive friends and try to make sure I get enough sleep. Sleep is so important for mental well being. And breathe deeply!

Networking and Community:

  • Connect with other women who are also navigating changes. A strong community of friends is so important! Fun, laughter, support…

Financial Planning:

  • Review your financial goals and plan for the future. If you follow me you know that I believe its never too late and that means starting to save for your future too. Start today!

Reevaluate Priorities:

  • Take the time to reassess your priorities and values. Adjust your goals and aspirations to align with your current stage in life.
  • Consider letting go of activities, yes even friends or commitments that no longer serve you.

Celebrate Achievements:

  • This is something many of us forget to do but big or small acknowledge and celebrate your achievements. Recognize the strength and wisdom that comes with age and experience.

Embracing change in 2024 can lead to a rich and fulfilling chapter in life for women over 50. We are in this together, leave the past behind, each day is a new day, your past does not define you and remember it’s never too late to live your best life.