Why do so many individuals feel blue over the Christmas holidays? Is it the stress of preparing and decorating our homes, gathering with family that may or may not get along, all of the shopping for food, decorations and gifts. Or perhaps we compare ourselves to how our friends and family celebrate.

Whatever your reason may be, my suggestion to you would be to change it up! Do something completely different from “normal” traditions, from what you have done in the past, or what society suggests the right way to celebrate is.

What COVID has taught us

If we have learned anything from COVID-it’s to embrace change. In 2020 family gatherings were a no no and many of us spent the Holidays only with our immediate family. Family that you had already spent too much time with:)

One of my favorite Christmas Day’s ever was in 2020.  And since we could not celebrate with extended family my son and I decided to play golf-in the pouring rain BTW. We met his best friend and mother at the course and what started out as a light system of rain turned into a few hours of a downpour. As we leaned over to hit the ball, literally water would just stream down our sleeves.

But hardly anyone was on the course (we were the only crazy ones, go figure), we were with friends safe and outside,  committed to having fun and so we stayed.

And that was one of my best Christmas’ ever. Why? Because we made the best of a very difficult situation. We did not let COVID, the weather or our discomfort stop us.

Ideas to change up the traditional Holiday celebration

Go to a matinee-many movie theaters are open on Christmas Day.

Barbecue instead of cooking in.

Go on a road trip.

Play, golf, tennis, pickle ball, go for a hike.

Go on line and start looking at vacation options/locations (then call me to plan your trip:)

Take a cold water plunge.

The point is think outside of the box and you will have a fantastic Holiday- alone or with friends.

Merry Christmas All,