Challenge yourself daily

It is my belief that by challenging me daily I will not only stay mentally healthy but physically as well. Challenging yourself is one of the most important steps to personal growth. Without challenge or change there is no progress or development. Whether you are trying to live a healthier life style, lose weight, eat healthier, stay active, or stimulate your mind a little dose of challenge every day may be just what you need.

And by challenge I don’t mean give up walking for climbing Mt. Everest. It can be little things done daily that will lead to improvement. Today I am heading out to play golf. Fun yes but also very challenging especially because I am new to the sport and the learning curve has not been easy for me. Golf challenges me on skill, patience and concentration.

Small ways to challenge yourself daily

Take the stairs when available or park at the farthest parking spot not the closest. You will be surprised at how many calories you will burn by the end of the week.

Leave out the creme or cut back on the creme in your coffee for one month.

Create a home cooked meal from a recipe of a country you have always wanted to visit

Face your small fears. Eat out alone, call an old friend you have not spoken to in years, go to an event where you do not know anyone.

Join a Meetup group.

Add 10 minutes of reading non-fiction daily.

Study a language, learn to play an instrument,

Go to your local community college and join an art class.

Take a long drive and stop at that small town, antique store, museum, winery…that you have always wanted to visit.

Low on funds? Then YouTube is your friend.

Go online and look for exercise classes, art classes, music, language you can find just about anything. I love listening to educational podcasts on YouTube, you can find everything from current events, motivational, biographical, historical…

Must Reads

I have suggested this book many times, if you have not read it yet please pick it up today. The message is simple, a few easy steps every day leads to huge successes. The Slight Edge


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