Is the current news creating sleepless nights for you?

Between two years+ of COVID, inflation, mass shootings, flooding & fires no wonder it makes it difficult for many of us to sleep through the night. Me included, I only wish I could sleep like my Marley (pictured). What I have changed and to help with better sleeping patterns is to not listen to any news at night and only limited segments in the morning. Has it helped? Not really but cutting back on listening time really can’t hurt.

From US News

“The economy tops the list of sleep-deprivation worries: 41% of people say they are losing sleep over worries about the cost of living and inflation. Also top of mind, 22% of people are losing sleep over the Russia-Ukraine War, 22% over climate change, and 27% about gun violence in America. The lingering pandemic continues to disrupt sleep schedules: 38% of people said worrying about COVID-19 has caused them to lose sleep.”

And as if sleepless nights and toss and turning are not bad enough on their own, sleepless nights can lead to more anxiety. And it’s easy to stay awake beating yourself up about poor decisions from the past, or agonizing over “what if”. Or you start thinking about everything that could go wrong in the future-its a vicious cycle on how one small thought can lead to catastrophic thoughts. And throw in aging and my goodness we don’t stand a chance on having a full nights sleep.

I also think that knowing you are not alone in your sleepless nights may reduce some of your concerns. I have had many many discussions with friends and it seems like just about everyone I know if feeling a little panic a little unease a little fear. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are single or happily married, financially secure or not, renters or home owners the nighttime stress is across the board.

So what can we do to help us have a full night’s sleep

  1. Start with deep breaths. Lay on your back and breath from the belly and hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling. I have tried this and it works for me, I just need to remember to do it:)
  2. I have found that mediation podcasts do help, especially in the middle of the night. Instead of laying their letting your mind go wild turn on a podcast and it almost immediately will take your mind away from those thoughts.
  3. A very dark room definitely helps. But make sure you set your alarm if you have to get to work.
  4. I have not tried warm milk but I do have friends that swear by a warm cup every night before going to bed. I am not really a milk fan but hey if it helps me sleep I am willing to try to like it.
  5. Exercise! Yes! When I get a really good cardio routine in I do sleep much better.
  6. I haven’t found that my diet-sugars or sweets before bed affects my sleep pattern. But one thing I have changed is no caffeine after noon and that has helped some.
  7. Others have suggested: noise canceling machines, aromatherapy diffusers, chamomile tea or sleepy time tea (I have found this just gets me up in the night to use the restroom:)).

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