I know what you are thinking, you are from California you don’t really know what cold is. And you are kind of right. When the average temperature in December in the Midwest is 33 degrees and our Bay Area average is 66, I get that I have nothing to complain about.

But I injured my hand this past year and even our 50 degree weather seems to bother them, and since I walk my dog every day I need to be comfortable to enjoy the walk.

Hand warming options

I used to use the hand held disposable hand/boot warmers-they worked great and they were super affordable when I did not need to use them daily. But now that I need them on a daily basis I wanted to go with something rechargeable.

Disposable hand and toe warmers.

Disposable hand warmers last about 8 hours and are thicker than toe warmers. Toe warmers have an adhesive side the stick to your sock so they don’t shift in your boots and should last about the same time. Warmers are made with natural ingredients and safe for the environment and can be thrown away in your everyday garbage.

Hot hand and toe warmers: 24 pair hand warmers and 8 pair toe

Rechargeable gloves

Not inexpensive but because my hands actually hurt in the cold I read the reviews and spent a few additional dollars on Savior Heated heat gloves for men and women.  They are not exactly pretty or a fashion statement but they are practical.

Savior Heated/Rechargeable Gloves

Rechargeable hand warmers

As previously stated my hands actually hurt even in our mild cold winters and that is why in addition to heated gloves I purchased hand warmers. I don’t always want the bulkiness of a heated glove and this hand warmer by Beskar fits easily into my pocket and my hand. I love love this item!

Single hand held warmer

Additional cold weather gear products

Even if you are not interested in rechargeable hand warmers these additional cold weather items may interest you.


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