What we need to know to stay healthy while traveling this summer

By Jodi Weitz/Jodi Weitz Acupuncture

We can expect that the number of people traveling this summer will undoubtedly be the highest we’ve seen since 2019 as the virus wanes or causes less severe symptoms.  That being said being said, the potential of getting sick while on vacation has always been there, especially while getting on airplanes or being exposed to different environments and diets which our bodies are not used to.

The most effective way to stay well while traveling is to be proactive.  We need to look at the risk factors of our destinations and plan accordingly.  By taking important supplements before we leave, such as probiotics for the digestive tract, we can protect and build our digestive tract to keep our immune system strong.  The gut microbiome helps determine the vitality of the immune system, as well as it’s ability pro-inflammatory response to infection.

Here are tips in five health areas that you need to know to make your trip the best it’s been in over three years.

1.  Digestive Health

  • Take probiotics two-weeks ahead of time and double-up on dose while traveling
  • Always eat before leaving your room/house
  • Avoid street vendors, includes undercooked eggs, leafy greens, produce without a peel or shell, and red meat and poultry whose juices run pink
  • Avoid raw milk, ice cubes, and ice cream. Bottled water is your safest bet. If tap water is your only option, bring it to a vigorous boil first. And never swallow water in the shower or from the sink—brush your teeth with the bottled stuff
  • Pack extra fiber to keep your system’s elimination working smoothly

2.  Immune Health

  • Take echinacea and astragalus daily for two- weeks before travel as well as through the length of the trip
  • Carry liquid elderberry on the plane and take every 2 hours, along with Emergen-C powder packs dissolved in water
  • For additional immune boosting, take medicinal mushrooms, especially Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake, which contain beta glucans, an immune enhancing property
  • Pack a plastic neti-pot/nasal saline spray and use daily while traveling, especially when returning after touring at the end of the day to clear nasal passages
  • Pack an herbal cold/flu kit and take at first sign/symptoms of sickness
  • Get an inhaler from doctor if traveling in more polluted areas to ease respiratory distress

3.  Hydration

  • Over-drink water, as you’ll be more active and touring outside in the warm summer months
  • Drink bottled water or use purification tablets/systems
  • Check out one of the many hydration calculators to dertermine how much water you should drink on a daily basis at https://www.everydayhealth.com/dehydration/hydration-calculator/.

4.  Commit to Your Daily Routine to Keep Energy Vital

  • If you’re used to exercising, eating breakfast or going to bed early, make sure to continue to do these things while on your trip. Sticking to your routine will help your body have one less thing to work against.
  • To keep your body in tip-top shape, take vitamins, supplement and herbs
  • Rest and take naps

5.  Restful Hints

  • Take melatonin to helps reset your internal sleep clock. “If you’re flying east, take it in the early evening before you leave on your trip; once you arrive, take another one an hour before bedtime.  L-Theanine, Taurine and 5-HTP are other safe, sleep options.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum when flying.  Alcohol can help you to fall asleep despite your cramped upright position. But overall, drinking will disrupt your sleep and leave you less rested.
  • Don’t hit the sack as soon as you’ve checked in to your hotel—no matter how exhausted you feel. Instead, get on the local time.  If you must take a nap, keep it under an hour.

A huge thank you to Jodi Weitz/Jodi Weitz Acupuncture for this article!  To learn more about healthy living from Jodi

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