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One of the things I love about blogging is when an expert in their field or in this case a non-profit finds us on the internet and then they ask me to share information with all of you.

In this case it’s online dating safety. According to a recent survey 59% of single women use an online dating app and websites to meet an exclusive partner. And that is why this article is so timely.

According to Helping Survivors Six in ten online daters indicate in the survey that they had an “overall positive experience” using online dating websites and apps, but four of ten users described their experiences as “at least somewhat negative,” with 9% describing online dating experiences as “very negative.” Pew Research data also indicates younger women are “especially likely” to say they’ve had troublesome interactions on dating platforms, including users continuing to send unwanted messages, using explicit or offensive language, and, sadly, threatening physical harm.”

Below are safety tips from their website please keep in mind this is meant to keep you safe and aware. Ladies, at 50+ we are not going to bars like we were in our 20’s; online could be a means to an end. This in no way meant to discourage you from online dating. 

8 Safety Tips For Online Dating from Helping Survivors.

  • Trust your intuition

Sexual violence can happen to anyone. If something feels off, trust your feelings and do not worry about offending the other person.

  • Take your time

It’s good to have several conversations and ask a lot of questions to see if conflicting answers are given.

  • Do some research

Before meeting for the first time, use the internet for a little background check.

  • Keep your personal info private

Avoid sharing bank numbers, your social security number, credit card, birthdates.

  • Tell a friend about your date.

Share with a friend the full name, what they look like and where you are meeting.

  • Meet in public, stay in public

Do not bring them to your work or home.

  • Stay sober

Avoid having any alcohol so that you will stay 100% alert.

  • Use your own transportation.

I have been online dating on and off for 5 years. I have met some wonderful men  (for various reasons it didn’t work out) and I have met some quirky not so wonderful men. But never once have I felt unsafe. And I believe that is because I listened to my instincts and intuitively followed the above guidelines. Below are my personal notes about the 8 tips.

Intuition: if it does not feel right I will not meet. I will even block them on the app.

Take your time-yes! Have at least one phone call first before meeting. You can tell so much about a person and whether they will be a potential match even in just one call. There is nothing worse than sitting across from someone you have no interest in.

Research I usually ask if they have a LinkedIn profile. If they are offended, then they are not a match for me.

Keep personal info private There really is no reason to share any personal information- if they don’t like it then you have just dodged a bullet.

Tell a friend about your date Even if I have no sense of mistrust, I always share with one friend where I am going and who I am with. It’s so easy to do, why wouldn’t you?!

Meet in public, stay in public  I live within walking distance to several restaurants/bars where I will sometimes meet a potential match.  And I never (never!) let my date walk me home.

Stay sober Truth be told I do not follow this advice. I prefer to meet for a glass of wine over coffee. But then it stops there.

Use your own transportation  This is true not only for safety reasons but what if you can’t wait to get away from your date and then you get stuck in a car with them?-nope!

A huge thank you to Helping Survivors for reaching out to me and for sharing their safe online dating tips with us.

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