Let’s be clear I am not a dating coach but I do love sharing my research, my resources (check out the Must Reads below) and my dating experiences. Some feel that dating after 50 is not for the weak and I would agree you have to be a bit thick skinned.

Embrace dating with the  the attitude of let’s have fun with this, make the best of each situation, laugh out loud when it does not work out and do not take it personally when your date does not follow up. It could be as simple as shiny penny syndrome.

Attached-a must read to understand your future partner.

Online dating is it for me?

My answer to this is, its a necessary evil. When was the last time you met someone in a bar/restaurant I am guessing at your latest it was in your 30’s. Even less likely now. Online dating takes work, patience, time and even then it may take you months to find a partner maybe even years.

And that is why I am selective on how I spend that first date. No coffee dates for me, I only enjoy coffee shops in the morning. But a hike, lunch or happy hour-that works for me. Pick what works for you and stick to it, if they don’t like it they were not the right partner for you! And again please do not take rejection or failure on their part to follow up-it’s not you. You are fabulous!

I have chosen not to list dating sites here (too much to get into) but I will address them in a future post. But I do suggest being on multiple sites. Some are better than others but it is my opinion that the best sites for you depends on your area and not in a Google search of top sites.

Additional options for meeting your forever partner

Take up a hobby-even if you don’t meet someone you will be spending time doing something you enjoy.

Tell your friends and family-they may think that you aren’t ready or just are not interested in meeting someone. Let them know you are ready and what you are looking for in your next partner.

Travel more-okay truth be told I do travel solo and no I have not met anyone. But I have had a heck of a lot of fun and have made some awesome new friends.

Say yes-get involved in your community, go to a couples party as a single, go to the theater and museums, attend wine/food events, golf/tennis/pickleball tournaments. Live life and say yes.

Must reads!

Whether you are new to dating, in a relationship but things just don’t feel right or you are making the same mistakes in finding love. The books listed below will help you understand your love sign and what to look for in a partner.


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