Online dating can be fun but it can also be frustrating.

If you have participated in online dating I know you know what I am talking about when I say it can be frustrating. There seems to be a whole new lingo we need to understand to stay sane and to be successful in online dating. For example you have evolved past texting you have moved on to  that first phone call, you have so much in common, the conversation goes smoothly and you set a date to meet in the future…and then he ghosts you. If you don’t know what that terms means you are probably new to online dating. Below we will cover ghosting and several other online dating terms;

Online dating terms

Breadcrumbing: Where someone leads you on just enough to keep you interested even sending flirtatious responses with no intention to take it any further.

Catfishing: Is the act whereby a user creates a fake profile to stalk or target a victim for abuse, deception or fraud.

Cuffing: The period in the year when people tend to partner up for the winter as some kind of dating hibernation. I only recently became aware of this term.

Eclipsing: When someone overhauls their own interests and even personality traits to adopt those of their crush’s. Okay, perhaps at some point in our lives we have all been a little guilty of this one

Ghosting: When someone stops communicating with you without communicating why. Great conversations, even multiple seemingly successful dates, and then poof they disappear. BTW this has happened to every person that I know that has participated in online dating.

Love Bombing: Your new relationship comes on strong with affection and compliments, plans multiple dates right away and even talks about what “we” are doing together in “our” future.  And then once they have your full attention they change, they may even become verbally abusive, or  they just dump you once they have you.

Orbiting: A person liking your posts even following you, engaging in cyber flirting but then never following up or contacting you.

Pocketing: Basically keeping you a secret-not introducing you to friends or family. Not always ill intended but definitely worth a conversation.

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