I have several friends that are the exact opposite of me and I absolutely love, admire and embrace our friendships. In fact most of my friends are the complete opposite of me. I am an extraverted introvert. Meaning I am social but I need my down or alone time too. But I am attracted to and have surrounded myself with extraverted women most of my life. From my high school years and still to this day. Big personalities who can socialize day and night!

Why do opposites attract in friendships?

From Google: “It’s fun to be friends with your opposite, someone who introduces you to new things, new ideas, and new ways of approaching life! The beauty of being friends with your opposite is that you can both find balance in your lives”. And this is so true of my friends! We continue to learn from each other, we continue to share ideas (and soft serve) and experiences and most important we laugh out loud.

Opposite opinions, interests- yes politics included make for interesting friendships too.

I love passionate conversations with friends when we have completely opposing political views. However, I will only discuss politics if all parties are willing to be opened minded, kind and nonjudgemental. We have to be willing to agree to disagree and end the conversation with our friendship intact.

The same with opinions. I am a news junky and enjoy conversations with friends that have polar opposite opinions on the stories covered on our news stations (currently Alex Murdaugh). BTW a plug here for News Nation and Dan Abrams. News reporting without the bias like other stations. (Rant over:)

Perhaps you are a dog lover but have a friend terrified of dogs and you respect her fear and keep your pets away., Or you love country and she loves classical music-you respect each others preferences and do not turn on the sound system in the car. Whatever it is you accept and respect.

Friend groups

To keep me sane and my friendships lasting I do have friendship interest groups. I have my hiking friends, my concert going friends, bookclub, brunch friends, work friends and travel buddies.  In some cases friends are in multiple groups and in other cases some friends never meet. But the one consistency amongst all of them is they are awesome, supportive, kind smart women. And I wouldn’t change a single thing about them.










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