Whether you are new to dating or just tired of the time consuming sometimes disappointing online dating process you may be considering hiring an online dating coach. And I get it-dating at 50 is daunting at best and being online can complicate things.

From dating coach, Debra Mansfield/Love and Dating Masterclass 

“I often hear from clients who come to me, “I’m just not meeting the right people.” or “Online dating is so time-consuming, and no one wants a committed relationship.” I’m here to tell you online dating has the largest database of any source. Most singles have experienced online dating at some point. As a dating coach, we look at profiles all day long, and with a few tweaks to a profile and a dating plan, we can help clients attract high-quality matches, gain confidence in their dating decisions, and make dating fun again.”

Additional reasons women over 50 consider hiring a coach:

Communication Skills: Working with a coach can help you understand online communication skills. How many times should you text back and forth before that first phone call, how to set up that first meeting etc. BTW I always suggest having a call before meeting in person-you can learn so much from a call and may even decide not to meet.

Feedback and Improvement: A dating coach will provide feedback on your dating profile-what to write, your photos, your follow up text conversations, and date experiences. They will also support you through the process-the unanswered text, the non return phone calls and when your date just disappears after your first meeting-it happens!

Lack of Experience: If you are new to dating after a long-term relationship or have limited experience with dating apps and modern dating dynamics, a dating coach can help you navigate the modern dating landscape.

Time and Effort: Dating can be time consuming-setting up your profile, making sure you have the right pics, following up in a timely manner with potential partners and then the date!

When picking a coach please keep in mind-cost, values and long term goals, and compatibility. Ask for references or reviews, do your homework this is not a short term commitment.

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