Did I get your attention?! When I started 50 is Just a Number my goal was and is to discuss all things for women over 50-menopause, dating, divorce, travel, self esteem, health, finance, and yes sex.

According to WebMD “As you age, some conditions or medicines may put a damper on your sex drive and performance. But don’t think that if you’re in the over-50 crowd, you have to settle for a less-than-fulfilling sex life.”

So many things factor in after aging; some good like becoming an empty nester and not having to work around your children’s schedule and some less good-dryness and low libido.

But there are things that we can do to have great sex after 50

  • Talk things out. Not exactly exciting but making your partner aware of  what you are feeling or having your partner make you aware of any changes in their sex life can benefit you as a couple. Let each other know in advance so that there is no disappointment or hurt feelings or even feelings of embarassment.
  • Maintain intimacy. Hold hands, take time to lay in bed together and hold each other, shower together and give compliments and let your partner know that you are still very interested in them. Intimacy is so much more than intercourse.
  • Get comfortable with your body. Stand in front of a mirror and get comfortable with a few extra pounds, embrace your wrinkles, sagging boobs or varicose veins. Embrace you!
  • Try something new, mix it up, keep it interesting. Pour a glass of wine, light a candle and set the mood. Try a new position(s). Start with a massage and see where it leads. Bring a new sex toy into the bedroom.
  • Live a healthy life and exercise. Feeling good about you is a great way to enjoy sex with your partner.

In every article that I read for this post, every single one of them, mentioned that communicating with your partner is the key to having a successful sexual relationship. Especially after the age of 50. Our bodies are changing our partners bodies are changing and that is why it is so important to share what is going on with you and to listen to what they may be feeling.

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