With the new year right around the corner now is the time to start thinking about your travel plans for 2024. I know what you are thinking-I have no time to think about spending time planning  future travel when we are so busy with family visiting and shopping and preparing for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start the process, looking at blog posts (like 50 is Just a Number :)) and spend time talking to friends about where they may be traveling to.

One current travel trend  is based on favorite TV shows and films. Also called Set Jetting. For some it could be the Bravo Housewives shows, others big screen movies, for me it would be The Amazing Race, I love that show.

I am also happy to see that sustainable travel is top on the list.

  • Staying in eco friendly accommodations.
  • Respecting the culture.
  • Buying from local businesses.
  • Saying no to single use plastic.

Wellness travel has made the list once again this year. Vacations that offer you time to reflect on your mental, physical, and emotional health while participating in healthy eating, exercise and meditation routines, and spa services-sign me up!

For all you foodies culinary travel is another must do in 2024, with wine and spirits being top on the list. Less about white tablecloths and awards on a restaurant wall and more about connecting with people and the culture and traditions of the destination.

Tell me where will you be traveling in 2024?! karen@50isjustanumber.com

Travel books for purchase:

Yes I am a Woman and Traveling Alone.    

And So The Adventure Begins, Travel Journal– love love this travel journal. I love to journal while traveling whether it is my thoughts or my favorite restaurants/shops.