I recently did a Google search on affordable US travel destinations and was pleasantly surprised by what I found was reported. Of course this is a broad search as “affordable” can depend on where you live and the cost of flights alone. But hopefully I have covered enough regions that you can find something near your area.

In alphabetical order

Big Bear Lake, California

As a native Californian I am sad to say that I have yet to visit Big Bear, my only excuse is that Lake Tahoe is so close to me. Located in San Bernadino National Forest and an easy drive from Phoenix, So Cal and Las Vegas. Big Bear offers all of the outdoor experiences as other mountain lake areas like mountain biking, skiing, water activities-at a more affordable price.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is another US city that came up on several lists in my search. And I have to admit I was very surprised at seeing it as affordable. I have been to Vegas many times and even though I don’t gamble (money saved) I still found it to be quite pricey for hotel stays and dining out.     For affordable suggestions in Vegas

San Antonio, Texas

Kudos to the travel bureau in San Antonio. Because this particular destination has come up in my US travel search for several different reasons and I can only assume that it’s the work of some smart city promoters. I do love San Antonio and hope that you will take time to visit-and shop!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is on my travel list! More than 500 years old and filled with historic buildings, with stunning beaches and rainforests, whats not to love! Puerto Rico is a US territory and does not require a passport.

Washinton DC

Wow I was so happy to see DC mentioned as affordable and again on serval lists in my research. This is one of my favorite destinations for food, culture, history. The Smithsonian Museums and National Zoo are admission free. From Good Housekeeping

Several cities in Canada were also mentioned:

Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver


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