Is an All Inclusive Resort Right for You and Your Family?

If you are looking for a pre-planned hassle free relaxing beach location then an all inclusive may be right for you. Unpack your bags grab a drink and relax by the pool. Ideal for individuals that may want to enjoy a few excursions but your main agenda is to just chill out, read, spend time by the pool or at the beach, enjoy a few (or more) cocktails, have optional dining experiences without having to make reservations in advance. With an all inclusive everything is taken care of for you, including most of your expenses paid in advance. Many resorts promote a week to a two week long stays. Personally I prefer an extended weekend, for me that is plenty of time to let the stress go and to be pampered. Or even better I will add it to the end of another travel trip that is filled with local culture, activities and planning. Ending your busy trip with a two day stay at an all inclusive allows on your way home is all you need to come home fully rejuvenated. As a single traveler you will find that all inclusive resorts are very safe and easy to navigate (but they do charge a premium price for solo travelers).

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Pros and cons of all inclusive resorts:

Pros: Almost everything is paid in advance which allows you not to have to travel with credit cards & cash and stay on budget. Kids can stay busy all day with activities. Private beaches. Amazing well groomed and maintained properties. Multiple restaurants to choose from. Great for traveling alone.

Cons: Most individuals find that the food is not great. But honestly I find that in just about any large quantity dining situation-think banquets, cruises etc. Unless you add outside excursions you are not experiencing the local culture. If you are not happy with your chosen resort there are no refunds and you will incur additional expenses if you want to venture out. If you are not a big eater, not planning on enjoying resort activities, or drink alcohol the cost may not be worth it. Be aware of hidden fee’s.

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