My first experience with the Espresso Martini

I was first introduced to the espresso martini while visiting my adult son in Barcelona in December of 2021. At that time I had no idea how universally popular this specialty drink was, he did, but clearly I was not current on trendy libations. Not just in Spain but just about every other popular travel destination.

And although I started enjoying this drink back in 2021 it seems this coffee spiked drink trend is not slowing down anytime soon. And that is why I thought I would share popular spots both in the US and abroad. One surprise for me was that in my search for popular spots I did not find Dukes of London listed-a favorite location of mine and a martini bar like no other.

Bars that specialize in espresso martini’s

In alphabetical order:

Bar Clara/Melbourne Hidden underneath Chinatown Bar Clara is a gorgeous basement bar with an extensive curated cocktail list.

Mila/Miami Beach Made with Redemption Rye whiskey, Rémy Martin 1738 Cognac, coffee, and chocolate.

Nightjar/London Known for its speakeasy atmosphere and innovative cocktail menu. Nightjar offers one of the prettiest espresso martini’s in London adding a gorgeous geometric design made with pink raspberry powder on top.

Rooftop 25/San Francisco A hidden gem with a grand rooftop and close proximity to Oracle Park. Their Espresso Martini is made with turmeric, Jameson Orange, coffee liqueur, and ginger.

The Daily Tot/Hong Kong Offering a twist on the standard espresso martini. This special drink, The Daily Tot’s buttered rum, also made with sous-vide coffee beans, coffee rum from Dead Man Fingers, Pedro Ximénez sherry, hazelnut oil, and walnut bitters.

The Dresden/Hollywood An iconic Hollywood destination. With the restaurant’s sophisticated ambiance you will feel like you stepped back in time and are a Hollywood starlet. 


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