Airport security checkpoints have seen their fair share of unusual and often humorous items in passengers’ luggage. Here are some interesting stories of odd discoveries.

The Snake Surprise:

A man traveling from Miami (of course, it’s Florida:) attempted to smuggle several snakes and tortoises in his carry-on bag. He had carefully packed them in women’s hosiery to prevent them from escaping. The TSA agents were quite surprised when they opened the bag to find the writhing reptiles. I had to start with this one as this would be my worst nightmare if I worked security.

Uncooked Turkey Caper:

During the Thanksgiving holiday, a passenger attempted to carry a fully uncooked turkey through airport security. Not only was the turkey uncooked, but it was also stuffed with various items, including clothing and electronics. Talk about multi tasking:))

Literally a Kitchen Sink:

One particularly memorable discovery was a passenger who had packed a kitchen sink in their checked luggage. The sink was apparently a gift, but it certainly led to some humorous conversations among the TSA staff.

Peanut Butter Firearm:

Officers found disassembled parts of a handgun wrapped in plastic and a magazine loaded with ammo inside jars of peanut butter at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Good on security for catching this one.

A Bag of Eels:

And last but not least another gruesome (in my opinion) find-a passenger was found carrying a large bag of live eels. The eels were intended for use in traditional cuisine but airport security was not prepared for the slippery surprise when they opened the bag for inspection.

A little humor for your day. I am sure this is just a small portion of what our airport security finds while helping us stay safe.