Popular travel trends for 2023

Travel is not slowing down in 2023. Although costs have gone up, like everything it seems, and even with the airlines troubles over the holidays vacation travel is on the rise.

A New Kind of All Inclusive Resort

All inclusive resorts were at one time frowned upon amongst experienced travelers. But now the luxury market see’s the value in the experience. From Mexico to Mallorca your experiences may amaze you.

Wellness and/or Personal Development Retreats.

From plant medicine retreats, psychedelics under the guidance of a therapist * to  emotional wellness, physical wellness, sleep wellness.

Airport Lounges

OMG this is the best invention since I don’t know what. Airport lounges help us stay sane with layovers and cancelations when traveling. At one time only available to major frequent fliers are now available thru travel tour companies.

Solo Travel

Traveling alone is a great way to learn more about yourself, and gain self-confidence. When traveling alone you become more open to meeting new people and truly immerse yourself in the destination.

Cruise Travel

Plagued by several years of negative publicity from Norovirus to COVID the cruise industry suffered huge losses, but cruise travel is once again on the rise. Many travelers enjoy the convenience of unpacking once and visiting several locations.

TV Tourism

TV tourism is a huge trend for 2023 travel. Whether its private yachts (Below Deck) or cities of our favorite housewives reality TV series. Fans are flocking to their favorite filming locations.

Luxury Home Rentals

Although when booking, luxury homes rentals can seem pricey. But when you factor in the cost of dining out, tax and tips in the long run it can save you money. And it is much easier to stay connected to your travel companions.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is employing environmentally friendly practices (reduce, reuse, recycle); protecting cultural and natural heritage; and providing social and economic benefits for local communities.



*This is an online search and not all trends mentioned are recommended by me.


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