With all of the news of unsafe travel to Mexico lately I wanted to address my recent trip there. My vacation included a two night stay in Puerto Vallarta at an all inclusive resort and then a 3 night stay in the small town of San Francisco. And the truth is I never felt unsafe.

I walked alone for blocks in PV (the Malecon), granted it was daytime I never left the property at night, and I took a one hour Uber/taxi to and from PV to the quaint town of San Francisco alone and again never felt unsafe. I do take precautions like no expensive jewelry or luggage that may draw attention. But other than that I just use common sense and stay in populated areas.

Would I want my young adult child to travel to Mexico on spring break

My son is now in his mid 20’s and has traveled all over the world, I am speaking hypothetically and the answer is-probably not. In fact several years ago a group of his friends went to Cabo together and one did not follow the recommended rules by the hotel, stepped outside a bar alone for a few minutes and was jumped. His friend is 6’4 an unlikely target right? But obviously not. He is okay but needless to say it was a scary time. Travel Alert-Spring Break 2023 U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Mexico

Post travel thoughts on Mexico

Would I go back? Absolutely! I had not been to Mexico in years and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. After weeks of rain in Northern California and then to spend less than 4 hours on a plane  to relax in the sun-heck yes! The Mexican people are lovely, the food was fantastic and the relaxed lifestyle was very welcoming. Having said that there is still the constant (yes constant!) barrage of people trying to sell you something. But if you understand that they are just trying to make a living, you look away with respect, they will leave you alone-until the next person comes up to you:)

In short-if traveling to Mexico do your research learn what cities are safest to travel to and take precautions. Do not bring much cash with you, no expensive jewelry, travel in groups especially at night and use your hotel to get your taxi’s.


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