I know what you are thinking. It’s barely September why would I start planning my NYE celebration now?! Because Holiday travel can be quite costly. Costs do not usually go down as we get closer to December and if you start planning now you can put money away and save for that special celebration. You can choose where you want to go instead of what is available if you wait and start planning when everyone else is.

Fun facts and suggestions for New Year’s Eve travel

According to my research New York City is still the favorite celebration city for NYE.

Sydney, Australia is thought to have the best fireworks and is one of the first places New Year’s comes.

Rio’s Copacabana Beach is known for being the worlds largest and wildest parties on NYE. Close to 2 million Cariocas (Rio natives) gather on the beach wearing bright white attire and filling a 2 1/2-mile stretch of sand.

Edinburgh, Scotland The beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh puts on its annual Hogmanay hoopla, simply put “a celebration of the last day of the year”. It lasts for four days and includes a torchlight parade throughout the city, concerts, and a huge street party on Princes Street. Feeling brave? Join the “Loony Dook” crowd and the annual splash in the freezing River Forth.

One of my favorites of all times for NYE, Berlin. I was there in 2019 and the street parties were full of people of all ages and ethnicities, so many bars to choose from and not too crowded, street music & vendors and fireworks near the Brandenburg Gate-stunning!. Albeit, quite cold!

One bucket list item and  really one of my best experiences ever was dining at The Eiffel Tower restaurant, The Jules Verne, on NYE. What a great start to a new year.

And of course let’s include some other favorites like Las Vegas, Bangkok, Dubai, London and my home town, San Francisco.




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