Affordable can mean something different to everybody, I get it. What is reasonable to some is expensive to others. In this post I will share factors to consider and destinations I feel are worth mentioning.

To get you started: research off-peak seasons. Traveling during the off-peak season can result in lower prices for accommodations, flights, and activities. Consider all-inclusive packages; resorts often bundle accommodation, meals, and activities, providing a fixed cost for your entire stay. Explore lesser known destinations or emerging beach destinations, where prices may be more reasonable. Take advantage of travel deals, this will take a little work on your part and works best with last minute travel but the savings can be huge.

Suggested Resort Destinations

Old Orchard Beach, Maine: While wealthy New Englanders vacation in Kennebunkport, many budget friendly and kid friendly travelers will head to Old Orchard Beach. The town offers a 7-mile stretch of sand where visitors can stroll and sunbathe but alas the water is too cold for most travelers.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Airfares to Puerto Rico are often cheaper than to the Caribbean islands, Americans do no need a passport and a San Juan condo can rent for as little as $125/per night.

Thailand – Krabi: Krabi offers stunning beaches and limestone cliffs. It’s known for having more affordable accommodations compared to some of the busier Thai islands like Phuket or Koh Samui, and the food is certainly more affordable than other destinations listed. Of course the airfare, depending on where you live, may make this a very unaffordable trip.

Again affordability is subjective, and it’s essential to balance cost considerations with travel costs, your preferences for activities/meals, amenities, and overall travel experience.