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We believe age really is just a number and that although life does not always go as planned it is never too late to live your best life!

Never too late to find romance, purchase your dream home, find a new career, live a healthier life and travel because life is too short not to!


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Join our travel group for women over 50

Join our travel group for women over 50

Do you have a passion for travel? You don't mind traveling alone but at times you would like to have a friend or friends to travel with. That is exactly why I created my travel group for women over 50. I want to enjoy conversations and share experiences with like...

Embracing Senior Discounts-well almost

Embracing Senior Discounts-well almost

Do you remember the first time you were offered a senior discount? I do! And I was totally taken by surprise. First of all I was not a senior, another thing I looked young for my age at that time and my goodness my savings was like .70 cents. Note to sales staff when...

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Podcasts by me for women 50+

We will tackle topics from menopause, dating/divorce, careers, friendship, finance, travel-life!

Life doesn’t always go as planned but we are in this together-we can make these the best yeas of our lives. Just click on the titles below to listen. An please hit subscribe on Youtube to receive future podcasts.

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A Message From KC

“Hello and welcome to 50 is Just a Number, a website for women that want to embrace change and enjoy this next stage in life. As I became an empty nester and newly single I really did some self-reflection and thought about what would make me happy now that my time is my own.

I came to the conclusion it was a combination of things, embracing my career, time with friends, new experiences, lots of laughter, and definitely travel. I am weeding out what no longer works for me (and that’s not always easy) and bringing on new adventures.

Let’s make this the best time of our lives. I will share my experiences in my life hoping it will inspire you too.”



KC Kilian at the beach

KC Kilian

Founder and Author

Just Say Yes

My word for the year in 2024 was YES. All caps go for it and just say yes. As...

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