Are you new to cruising? Not sure how to get started? I get it, choosing the right cruise ship for your travel depends on various factors, budget, destination, family friendly or adults only, LGBTQ. In this post I have provided a few simple steps to help you get started in planning your dream vacation.

This picture is from our cruise to Alaska as we went under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Define your budget: determine how much you’re willing to spend on your cruise, considering not only the cruise fare but also additional costs such as excursions, onboard activities, gratuities, and drinks. A “sale” cruise price may seem affordable at first but please make sure you add in flights, transportation, hotel and previously listed items.

Ideal destination: once you have outlined your budget think about your ideal destination. Different cruise lines specialize in various areas, and some ships are better suited for specific destinations. Review the cruise itinerary to ensure it covers the ports you’re interested in.

Consider Onboard Amenities and Activities: some ships are known for their entertainment options, while others may emphasize relaxation (think spa and yoga), cultural enrichment, educational, activities for kids, culinary/wine options, or adventure (sign me up).

According to Google:

Most popular cruise line-Norwegian Cruise Line

Best reputation- Viking Cruises

Most affordable-Carnival Cruise

Safest cruise-Disney Cruise