As I celebrate my milestone year of turning 60 I am continually amazed at how time is speeding up. I mean I felt like my 50’s flew right by and now we are already in our third month of the year. Wasn’t it a week ago that I was taking down the Christmas tree and then celebrating new years with a walk on the beach in Carmel? But alas no, I am that much closer to hitting 60.

And I honestly do not say this with any regret, we are all blessed to be living the life we lead. I am healthy my family is healthy life is good. But still-dang this year is moving at warp speed. But being curious by nature I decided to do what I always do and use Google to help me figure out why as women in our 50’s we feel this way.

“Around the age of fifty, some individuals may experience a shift in priorities. They may become more focused on personal goals, relationships, or other aspects of life that may contribute to a perception of time passing quickly.”

 “As people grow older, they may develop a broader perspective on their lives and the passage of time. This broader view can make individual years feel shorter in comparison to the entirety of one’s life.”

“There is some evidence to suggest that as people age, their perception of time may change due to biological factors, including alterations in brain function.”

Although I agree with most of what is stated above-my truth is the years ARE flying by. I want to make every day a great day, I want to live life out loud, embrace change, let go of what works and what doesn’t AND make these the best years of our lives. Will you join me on this journey?