There are some many reasons for women to embrace life at 50+. First off there is the obvious, we are alive and healthy and we get to celebrate every year. And then there is the confidence that comes with age. We wear what we want , ignoring the term age appropriate, we care less about what people think and we have learned to live our life in our way.

The benefits of life at 50 YouTube video

Bolder! We live a bolder life, for me that means letting go of my shy self, posting my journey at 50+ and sharing my life on social media with all of you.

Embrace change! If there is one thing we have learned at 50+ is that life does not go as planned. We have learned to live with the unexpected and thrive not survive through it all.

We really can make these the best years of our lives. For me that is more travel for you it may be more time with friends, reading more, learning to play an instrument, or to go back to school, pick up golf or play pickle ball. The important thing is to enjoy life, today!

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