Do you choose a word for the year?

This is different from word of the year which is said to have been created by Oxford Languages and is chosen by the popularity of a word used by the population over 12 months. Word for the year is what an individual personally chooses to use as a reminder to stay on task or a word of encouragement or motivation.

I started choosing about four years ago. And what I like about this practice is that if you really put thought into choosing your word you can use it to stay on track for the year. For example if you are trying to exercise more your word could be as simple as movement. If you are building a business it could be driven.

I honestly don’t remember my word from four years ago but I do remember two years ago-bolder, 2022-fearless and 2023-undaunted. You can clearly see a pattern from my words; there is a consistency in my goals in life and that is to live a bolder louder life. I am shy by nature but there is something about being in my 50’s that makes me want to ignore the shyness and shout from mountain tops. Not exactly shout but you get what I mean.

Words that friends and colleagues shared with me in 2022

  • Consistency
  • Faith
  • Finance
  • Focus
  • Involved
  • Purpose
  • Now

I do find that my word does help me when I have doubt or start to question what I am doing or I am about to do. Living fearless (2022) to me does not mean skydiving, although I might be willing to try it-once. It means not letting fear hold me back from making a decision. Living undaunted (2023) means not being discouraged when things do not go my way. In business, with friends, in my personal life-in life!

Do you choose a word for the year? Does it help you stay on task?




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