Dating at any age is difficult at best and if you add the complexities of our pasts; ex’s, blended families, illness etc  it can be even more daunting. But it is a necessary evil if you would like to find your life long partner. Gone are the days where we can meet someone at a college bar or sporting event. But that does not mean you need to live life alone it just means we need to put in some effort and become more resourceful.

Dating is about finding someone who complements your life and brings joy to it. Stay true to yourself, and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve; there is someone out there for you. And if you follow me you know that I believe it’s never too late!

Let’s navigate the new year together:

Embrace Your Confidence: Confidence is your best accessory. Embrace your experiences and the wisdom that comes with age. Be proud of who you are, and let your confidence shine.

Know What You Want: Be clear about your priorities, what you’re looking for in a relationship and write them down. This clarity will help you make better choices and communicate your expectations to potential partners.

Be Open-Minded: Don’t limit yourself based on preconceived notions-height, weight, income, location etc.

Explore Hobbies and Interests: Pursue activities you enjoy and that align with your interests. This is an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals and expand your social circle. I picked up pickleball and golf-if I meet someone through this great! If not, I am still having a great time and staying in shape.

Stay Positive: Dating can be challenging at any age, but maintaining a positive attitude can make a significant difference. Approach each date with an open heart and a positive mindset, regardless of past experiences.


Enjoy the journey-approach dating as an opportunity to have fun, learn about yourself, and meet interesting people. Enjoy the journey and the experiences along the way.