I love sports travel and iconic sports travel like The Masters Tournament and the Olympic Games are on my list. Several years back I went to the Kentucky Derby-super fabulous I highly recommend attending at least once. Loved loved the tradition of the races, the horses and their jockey’s, the hats and dresses and oy the mint juleps. The Super Bowl was another must attend event for me-the pregame energy, the half time show, all of it was well worth the journey! And my team did not even win.

What you can expect when attending the Summer Games in Paris:

Events and Competitions: The Olympics will feature a wide range of sports and events held in various venues across the city. I usually choose the less popular sport so that I can avoid crowds and get better seats. I am there for the experience not a particular sport:)

Entertainment Events: In addition to sports, the Olympics often host cultural and entertainment events, concerts, and celebrations. Woot woot more fun in Paris!

Weather: Paris in the summer typically experiences warm weather, with average temperatures ranging from 63-77°F.

Increased Tourism and Crowds: The Olympics attract a significant number of visitors, including athletes, coaches, and officials from around the world. Bring your patience and  expect larger crowds and longer lines everywhere!.

Accommodation Challenges: Due to the increased demand for lodging, finding suitable accommodation will be a challenge. Book in advance for the games and avoid Paris during this time if you are not interested in attending the Olympics.

As mentioned sports travel to me is a fun way to enjoy traditions, to join the millions of other fans at least once in a lifetime. If you are interested in having us book your Olympic games trip or any other major sporting event email me at karen@50isjustanumber. This is not an inexpensive event, the cost to Europe alone can be pricey then add the cost of attending the games (I am always upfront about all forms of travel, that is why my clients continue to work with me).VIP options available. Cheers to more travel!