Everyone’s spending habits vary based on their individual preferences, lifestyle, and circumstances. Financial habits are highly individualized, and what may be wasteful for one person might be considered a worthwhile expenditure for another.

In this list are suggestions or ideas of where you can save for retirement and also expenses that currently may not be on your radar or like me you may have even forgotten about.

Unused gym memberships or fitness classes-guilty! I have paid for a membership hoping to get to the gym but I always choose the outdoors instead.

Expensive technology upgrades: Constantly upgrading to the latest gadgets and electronics, especially if the previous ones still function well.

Unnecessary subscription services: Subscribing to multiple services that aren’t being used to their full potential can add up. I am definitely guilty of this-I recently went thru my bank accounts and canceled every service that was no longer useful. That $5. here $18 there adds up!

High-interest debt: Keeping high-interest credit card debt for non-essential expenses.

Frequent dining out: Eating at restaurants regularly instead of cooking at home can be costly over time, and that includes meal delivery services.

Again, it’s essential to remember that financial habits are highly individualized, in this article there is no judgement but encouragement for responsible financial planning and budgeting.

From Lillian Meyers/Meyers Financial Services Inc. Uncover the Hidden Money Wasters




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