Starting a new hobby after 50

Whether you are an empty nester or you are looking at retirement, are you thinking about picking up a new hobby? learning to play an instrument, learn a language or try a new sport? Or are you like me that during the pandemic and with extra time on your hands you have already started a new one.

During the pandemic I learned to play golf, albeit not very well, but still I finally picked up a sport that my friends and family have been playing for years. And I love it! I also started a second women in business networking group. I then thought about relearning a language I had studied in my youth-Russian (my mother was Russian) but I realized I did not have the time to commit to that too.

And now I am thinking about learning to play pickle ball. I swear I am the only one under 50 in my area that has not picked up this very popular sport!

Other popular hobbies for women over 50 (according to my Google search)

  • Join a dance class- I have a friend who teaches tap and it looks like so much fun. Also very popular, ballroom dancing.
  • Join a classic car club– of course it helps if you have a classic car:)) Or perhaps find a club you like and follow them.
  • Interior design– interestingly enough this was on every list that I found on my Google search.
  • Learn a language– this is still on my list! 
  • Pick up an instrument –  this was also on every list, picking up an instrument is very popular for women over 50.
  • Road tripping– I have done this with friends and I have traveled solo, both are so much fun.
  • Sports– learn to play that sport you never had the time for. It’s golf for me but I will also add pickle ball and tennis.
  • Wine expert – have a passion for wine? Why not learn about the varietals, regions and everything wine related. Then host a wine tasting party and share your knowledge.

Most popular US hobbies: baking/cooking, watching TV/movies, bookclubs/reading, gardening.

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